Fighting for Parent's and Children's Rights

Welcome to FightForKids.org, the website designed to promote the health, well-being and better education of children the world over.

The purpose of this website is to educate parents worldwide on the facts about today's widespread practice of labeling children mentally ill and drugging them with heavy, mind-altering, psychiatric drugs. Armed in this way, loving parents will be able to prevail in the face of the enormous "drug children now" pressures so entrenched in society today.

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FightForKids.org Video with John Travolta,
Kelly Preston, Catherine Bell,
Marisol Nichols, and Sofia Milos
(2 min 32 sec)
Dr. Thomas Szasz

Dr. Thomas Szasz (4 min 47 sec)
Dr. Thomas Szasz

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Psychiatric Drugs & Your Child's Future
Psychiatric Drugs & Your Child's Future