Tackling Coercion

    Talk with teachers
    about having your
    child tutored
  • Go over these points with the school personnel who are attempting to have your child diagnosed or drugged; first, try to resolve the situation with communication. There are free booklets and information letters that you can get from CCHR International that can be given to these personnel to also help bring them to an understanding. Teachers have also been fed a lot of misinformation by the mental health industry.

  • Let the school know that the first action would be to have your child tutored to see what he/she hasn't understood in the classroom.

  • At the same time, your child should be tested for allergies and other medical conditions that might be affecting his/her behavior.

  • If there is any problem reaching an amicable resolution with school personnel, immediately seek the assistance of an attorney and have the attorney read this website.

  • File a complaint with CCHR International. CCHR will refer you to a local CCHR Chapter who may be able to help you.

WARNING: No one should stop taking any psychiatric drug without advice and assistance by a competent non-psychiatric medical doctor.