Psychiatric Drugs And The Body

Parents are unwittingly playing a game of Russian roulette with their children's bodies.

The body is an extremely complex biochemical machine, with chemical reactions and flows that occur in harmony and rhythmically one with another. They happen in specific sequences, in certain quantities, and at exact rates of speed. When a foreign substance such as a psychotropic drug is introduced into the body these flows and inner workings are disrupted. The drugs may speed up, slow down, damn up, overwhelm or deny critical metabolic substances.

This is why psychiatric drugs produce side effects. This is, in fact, why they produce any effect at all. They do not heal anything. The human body, however, is unmatched in its ability to withstand and respond to such disruptions. The various systems fight back, trying to process the foreign chemical, and work diligently to counterbalance its effects on the body.

But the body can only take so much. Quickly or slowly, the systems break down. Like a car run on rocket fuel, you may be able to get it to run a thousand miles an hour, but the tires, the engine and the internal parts were never meant for this; the machine flies apart.

The Betrayal

If you are worried about something—a problem in life like relationships with your friends, parents or teachers, or how your child's school grades are going, taking any drug—illegal or psychiatric—isn't going to solve the problem. If a drug is used to feel better when you are depressed, sad or anxious, the relief is only for a short while. If the problem is not fixed or helped, the person can often feel worse than before. As a drug wears off, whatever pain, discomfort or upset that was there before taking the drug can become stronger; it can make a person want to keep taking the drug.

The Violence

Psychiatric drug reactions can include agitation, hostility, aggression, and suicidal behavior. In fact, teenagers who had been prescribed psychiatric drugs and/or were undergoing some sort of psychological program in an attempt to "control their anger" have committed many of the mass school shootings in the U.S.

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WARNING: No one should stop taking any psychiatric drug without advice and assistance by a competent non-psychiatric medical doctor.